Super Jem

SUPER JEM — experientially self-exclaimed SUPER —infuses life to those around her by being well-versed in the English and Spanish languages, but always learning . As a Colombian-born performer with a fluency for designs and dramatics infused with the magic of her culture, SUPER JEM, has graced her aura coast-to-coast, as well as, internationally. Living in America for fourteen years, SUPER held residency in NYC; primarily Williamsburg, 10 years in New York City and recently, with a change of strength, decided to try the Los Angeles creative waves. Her time spent in NYC led to numerous performances and creative expressions at plethora of outlets i.e. Sabrosas ,The Box NYC, Diamond Horseshoe, House of Yes… just to name a few… and spark numerous connections and skills that have become iconically SUPER.

The beginnings of SUPER’s art career began innately, starring in a commercial for CocaCola, at age 4, that aired regionally and with a god-given determination, drive and support portals began to open leading way to SUPER JEM’s appearance in… several telenovelas, alongside the premiere of one of Colombia’s first reality tv shows ‘Protagonistas de Novela’ SUPER arose to notability amongst her native Colombia. Gaining experience and knowledge from various institutions including HB Studios (NYC), Singers Forum (NYC) connections with La Mama Theatre Company (Colombia), which also holds space in NYC.

With feeling the struggles of missing her family and country along the rode of many heartaches and the New York City hustle SUPER’s gracious smile and light paved way exuding a revitalizing-spirit. The self-teaching of instruments; from ukulele, guitar and voice was soon followed by music production, fashion design and healing products. “La Licuadora”, produced by Jaydee M with Elihope Producciones, SUPER JEM’s first album is filled with music inspired by those memories, moments and magic.

With a major move of spirits, “something deep” says SUPER, sending her to Los Angeles – possibly the path of the light word curar – meaning to cure, to heal – she took all the triumphs and disillusions that had blended into SUPER JEM and plunged herself and her connection to the music into its own healing. With a SUPER twist learned from her own experience in prayer circles she is now taking on a new album — working title “Curandera” — and the path. Harnessing power from her the light SUPER continues to preserve and persuade magic amongst peers, strangers and the universe

Considered a local and international fashion, music, and nightlife muse, Super Jem has proceeded to create with countless photographers, designers, musicians and culturally affluent personas around the globe through her constant energetic love, gratitude, fashions, attitude, and creative generosity.

Known throughout Spain (Madrid/Ibiza), South America, New York City and making strides in LA for her unique and iconic style & design taste, Super Jem styles herself, creating her own image with original, vintage, and personally handmade/hand-altered clothing and accessories. Adjacent to her path of curing, SUPER, has also begun to create her own concoction of oils, lotions and feather jewelry.


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